The Best of Pokemon Apparel


    With the overwhelmingly popular Pokémon Go app capturing the hearts and minds of trainers of all ages, it’s no wonder that online stores selling Pokémon Go merchandise are popping up everywhere. Even long standing shops of regular Pokémon themed items are seeing an increase in sales and small businesses everywhere are putting the app to work by using it in their everyday specials, like these coffee and pizza shops that offer charging stations and lures.

    Here’s a small round up of some of the best new Pokémon products that we’ve come across in our travels:


    Everyone’s seen the Pokéball power bank to charge your phone while you’re playing but have you seen these 3D color-changing Pokémon Nightlights? Not only are they super cute but they’re affordable too. If your heart is set on a Pokémon themed power bank, because let’s be honest – we all run down our battery with this awesome game, you might enjoy this adorable and useful Pikachu power bank.

    Jewelry & Accessories

    If you’re just looking to give a subtle nod towards your love of pocket monsters or your workplace doesn’t allow for a lot of personalization (not everyone has embraced Pokémon yet), donning the perfect accessory or jewelry piece can be a neat solution. Just check out this adorable Team Valor necklace; it’s elegant yet nerdy (don’t worry, they have Instinct and Mystic designs too). Even more subtle still, these awesome starter Pokémon keychains can quietly proclaim your love. Finally, this Pokéball earring set takes the cake – you get five pair and the best part? Nickel & lead free for those with metal allergies.

    Cosplay Add-Ons

    Anyone who attends conventions or cosplays can expect to see an increase in Pokémon cosplayers next year during Con Season so why not get started planning now? Practically mandatory, nearly every Pokémon trainer cosplayer has a Pokéball or two on their person at all times but you haven’t seen fun until you’ve tried out this Light and Sound Pokéball – it will even tell you if your capture was successful or a miss when you throw it. If you’re going the extra mile and want to get in a neat effect, try this light up Pokedex to add that something special to your character. And anyone even thinking about being a trainer should take a look at these awesome gym badges for rounding out that perfect costume.


    Everywhere you look online, there are tons of options for awesome Pokémon-related clothing items. Here are just a few of our favorites:

    These original starter Pokémon leggings – not only do they look super comfortable but they feature the adorable trio that started it all.

    This comfy long sleeve Team Instinct shirt – it may be only available in Team Instinct but it appears to be way more comfortable that your standard shirt and it’s pretty cute too!

    A Glow in the dark Gengar backpack – whoever thought of this is a genius. Not only is it available in multiple colors but it also glows in the dark after being exposed to light heightening your visibility when capturing Pokémon at night.

    Did you know PokéTrails is considering offering a line of t-shirts featuring Teams Instinct, Mystic, and Valor? But in order to offer them, they have to know you’re interested! Click HERE to weigh in on design options and vote for your favorite!

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