The Pentagon has banned Pokémon Go because of a Spy Threat

Military Bans Pokemon Go

According to an article on The Washington Times, Pokémon GO has been banned on all Defense Department facilities over security concerns involving foreign spies.

Pokemon Go uses the GPS satellite network as well as Google Maps to place users within a real-world city location and then pinpoints the location of the trainer on the map. Security officials at the Pentagon are concerned with the data obtained while playing the game as it could provide locations of sensitive government facilities. Additionally, the Pentagon is worried that the game could provide spies with access to data on government officials who know about these secure locations that may be used during cyber attacks.

On July 11, the official Twitter page for the U.S. Marines posted a controversial photo of Pikachu on a Military firing range.

On July 19, a memorandum was sent warning all Pentagon officials and contractors that playing this game “poses a risk” to secure facilities. Shortly before the memo was issued, a Pokemon “gym” appeared at the Pentagon, but later disappeared.

The U.S. isn’t the only one with security concerns. The Times of Israel reported that the IDF has banned Pokemon Go on all Israeli military installations as well.

It is worth noting that Niantic, INC is an American mobile game company based in San Francisco, CA. Still, data can always be hacked or leaked. What are your thoughts on the topic? Share in the comments below!

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