The World has a Rattata problem, and it’s time to face it

Rattata on Cat

The problem can be summed up into one word: “Rattata”. Some would elaborate and describe it as “Rattata, rattata, rattata, pidgey…” but the message is clear – the world has a rattata problem. This crisis can not be overlooked and mainstream media isn’t covering it at all. Sources have confirmed that rattata levels have increased drastically in the past 6 weeks reaching 5 rattatas per trainer. And it’s getting worse.

Rattata Problems
Trainers are forced to defend their homes

For those who aren’t aware, Rattata is described in Pokemon yellow as a mouse like Pokemon, that “will chew on anything with its fangs. If you see one, it is certain that 40 more live in the area”. Rattatas have begun to infesting cities, restaurants, and even homes.

No country is safe. Sightings have been confirmed in every country Pokemon Go is released. They are just as likely to appear whether you’re in the mountains or on the beach.

Of course we all know there will be that one youngster that insists on saving the rattatas because they are in the top 10% of all rattatas. But Joey is wrong, and if you’re like him, you’re wrong too.

We need to seek out these rattata’s and try to get this infestation under control. To do this, we need your help. We need you to catch as many rattata’s as you can before this epidemic gets worse than it already is.

Share your efforts in the comments below or tweet us your screenshots at #rattataproblems

Together we can make a difference. God speed my fellow trainers.

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