A Brief History of the Nintendo


Let's start off with the history of Nintendo the founding company of the Wii and many other popular games systems like the Nintendo 64 and gameboy and Nintendo DS.

Following is a list point form of the companies origin and growth spanning over one hundred years.

1889 The companies founder Fusajiro Yamauchi, who is the great grand father of the present day president of the company, began manufacturing card game called "Hanafuda" He set up his small business in the Japanese city of Kyoto.

-1902 The original intent was to manufacture the card game, to export to different parts of the world. The game was a success abroad as well as in its native land Japan.

1975- Nintendo and Misubishi Electric developed a kind of video game system and they introduced the microprocessor into video game machines for the first time.

-1977 Nintendo started to create video game systems for the home user together with Mitsubishi.

1978 Nintendo started selling coin operated gaming machines, using their micro processors. They then shortly thereafter started a separate division for manufacturing their coin operated machines.

1980 Nintendo came to America for the first time, they created the branch Nintendo of America Inc.

-1981 Was their defining year for Nintendo they developed the coin operated video game "Donkey Kong" This video game became the hottest, most watched after, video game in history.

1985 Nintendo started to sell the first Family Computer Entertainment Systems in the US. The unit included the famous Super Mario Bros, with Mario the worlds most famous little moustached plumber.

-1987 By this year Nintendo was the first to reach sales of more than one million units in the video game manufacturers.

-1996 Nintendo launched the Nintendo 64 It was the first of it's kind with a 64 bit processor. For a home video game it was unimaginable for many. In the first day alone more than 500,000 units were sold. Later on that same year Nintendo shipped some 350'000 units to North America, the entire shipment was sold out in less than three days.

1998 Nintendo released game boy color and host of new games The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Donkey Kong Country 3, Perfect dark etc ..

2001 the gamecube was released, which was the sixth generation of the Nintendo Entertainment system (NES).

2006 On April 14th 2006 Nintendo released the seventh generation of the "NES" the aptly named "Nintendo Revolution". Despite protests from video game manufacturers and the Press Nintendo changed the name to "Wii" The name at first received much ridicule from many constituents, stating that the name appeared to convey a sense of childishness. Nintendo responded and said "Revolution as a name is not ideal; it's long, and in some cultures, it's hard to pronounce." So we wanted something that was short, to the point, easy to pronounce, and distinct. That's how 'Wii, 'as a console name, was created.'

Since it's launch the "Wii console" has sold more units than it's competitors (xbox and playstation) combined. The Financial Times released that the Nintendo Wii had surpassed the Xbox in terms of sales quantities despite the fact that the xbox was released a full year earlier. Nintendo hopes to have sold more than 50 million "Wii Consoles" world wide by 2009.

Nintendos target Demographic with it's "Wii" is much larger than previous game machines. They have no intention of battling with Sony for the PlayStation 3 but to increase the amount of people to play games. A broaden the reach. They have hired academy award winning advertisement guys like Stephen Gaghan. They spend over 200 million in advertising alone through 2006. Has it worked? You bet it has …. pensioners as old as 103 have been reported playing with the Wii console, aa magazine in the UK has stated the Queen Elizabeth 2 has been playing the Wii.

As the ad slogan states "Wii would like to Play"

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