Bakugan Battle Arena


Since they first came out in 2007, Bakugan Battle Brawlers have risen in popularity past Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh to become one of the most sought after toys for young boys. Go to any school yard or playground and you'll sure see some kids setting up their metal cards and rolling their Bakugan around.

The game consists of plastic marbles that spring open to reveal Bakugan characters when they are roled over a metal card. Points are accepted based on the values ​​on the marble and the card. The game combines the skill of marble rolling with the strategy of other card games to create a fun and unique playing experience.

Accessories for launching marbles and storing them are becoming pretty popular as well. It's probably because the main character from the Bakugan TV Show, Dan wears a launcher on his wrist. But one extra that most Bakugan fans would like to have is the Bakugan Battle Arena.

The Bakugan Battle Arena is a portable playing surface for Bakugan brawls. Just unfold the black plastic arena, and snap the red walls into the slots on the side.

This game board is very stylish and definitely cool looking. If you want to have Bakugan battles, the Bakugan Battle Arena is not mandatory but it does make your battle brawls more enjoyable.

How does it make your battle brawls more enjoyable? Well, first off, the board has bumpers at the edges of the playing area. You will not be rolling your Bakugan marbles across the playground anymore. And a player who can learn to bank the marbles off the bumpers will have a definite advantage.

Plus, it's easier to arrange your Bakugan Cards on the playing surface. All of your cards will be lined up nice and straight.

Lastly, the Battle Arena is just cool. On the Bakugan TV Show, when Dan starts a battle, he yells, "Bakugan Field Open". Now what kid would not want to have an actual arena to play on. Yelling, "Bakugan Field Open" and then playing on the ground is not as much fun.

The Good

  • Slick Game Board for playing Bakugan
  • Very Portable for playing at a friend's house
  • Bumpers keep your Bakugans from rolling off the board
  • Great surface for positioning your Bakugan Cards

The Bad

  • Expensive
  • Does not come with any Bakugans
  • Does not come with any Cards


  • You can play Bakugan without a Battle Arena but it's more fun to play with one.

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