Bakugan Games – Fantastic, Frantic Fun


Throughout the year, parents look for great gifts for their children come Christmas, birthdays or maybe to praise good behavior. An alternative to the normal computer game, soft toy is the range of Bakugan Battle Brawlers. This niche game has taken the country by storm with the idea coming from the popular Japanese TV show just like Pokemon took the world by storm a few years ago. As with other cartoon action shows, you get your fair share of sound effects with pow, slam, bop which could remind you of the cheesy batman fight scenes but now used for impressive action game.

The game has been designed to be played with two players, each of which have three Bakugan Brawlers in their team. Each member of the team looks to capture the three gate cards, that is all there is to it. Each team member sites at the other side of the floor or something similar like a smooth table surface. Each picks a gate card which are then placed between each of the Brawlers so the cards are touching each other. The youngest of the battlers can now choose a Bakugan Battle Brawler and then rolls the Brawler towards each of the gate cards where the fun now starts.

Each of the Bukugan Battle Brawlers are a small sphere which when landing on a gate card, leads the Brawler sphere opening up revealing the Brawler inside. If two of the spheres are to land on the same gate card, then they fight it out until one of them wins. The winner of the fight has their leader to take the gate card which lets them begin earlier in the next rounds. The game continues round until one of the brawlers has won enough fights to gain 3 gate cards. The game goes very fast with the action not always revealing who will win as easy as you would think.

The game has a larger base than you may think with over one hundred different playing pieces to choose from so when playing, no two games ever play the same. The winner of the game can depend on what Battle Brawlers are chosen on both sides. If you want to speed up the game then purchasing the Bukugan Battle Arena as well as with the extra Bakugan Launcher which enables you to target your team pieces easier during play. For those hardcore fans, a Bakugan Collector Case can be used to store your team members when not in use. How cheesy but great, very popular to.

This came has become so popular, it is set to be a household name for many years to come. Whichever game or toy you choose to buy for children, or even big kids aka adults, they can lead to much more imagination than the stigma of a games console.

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