Bakugan Toys – What Are Bakugan Battle Brawlers?


Every year there's a short list of hot toys that prove to be the most popular Christmas gifts for kids. And 2008, of course, is no different. One of this year's must buy Christmas toys is definitely going to be Bakugan battle brawlers, so here's a quick guide for parents on what Bakugan is all about.

What is Bakugan

Bakugan is similar to Pokemon in that it is not just about the toys or the game. Bakugan Battle Brawlers is also a Japanese anime series in which the main characters, a group of youngsters, play the Bakugan strategy game in order to save the earth. It now airs in a variety of countries, including on the Cartoon Network in the US. The toys and the tv series were developed together, so one supports the other.

The Bakugan Battle Brawlers Game

Much how a trading card game works, Bakugan is a strategy game. It involves both cards (made of metal) and marbles. The marbles morph into monsters and such, ie dragons and things of that nature. The transformation occurs as the marble lands on the metal cards, which is the large part of the appeal of these toys. They are fun!

After each player has rolled their Bakugan (the marble), then battle commences. Battle consists of adding up the values ​​on the Bakugan and the cards and the winner takes both of the Bakugans and the cards. The game continues until there are not any cards left.

The Bakugan Toys

The main items necessary to play Bakugan are the cards and the marbles that turn into creatures. Bakugan starter packs are a fairly inexpensive entry item into the series of toys, at about $ 15 each. Fair warning though, much like Pokemon and Webkinz, do not expect your kids to be happy with just one set. Like trading game cards, the toys are designed to be collectible. You can expect your house to be overrun soon enough!

In addition to the starter packs and Battle Brawler Battle packs, there are also accessory items such as a launcher and a battle arena (ie game board) that can be bought too. There are also other tie-in items such as books, lunch bags, calendars and eventually there should be a videogame available in the US for the Nintendo DS.

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