Chaotic TCG – The Next Big Thing


Pokemon, Beyblade, Yo Gi Oh – the list of successful TCG's (trading card games) reads like a who's who of kids franchises – and that's leaving out the more 'grown up' games systems such as Magic the Gathering and World of Warcraft.

The reason for this is that TCG's are both successful and highly competitive. Almost all successful franchises will vent into this market at some point. Even the likes of Ben 10 and Pirates of the Caribbean have given working in the card game industry a shot.

With so much competition in the industry picking the next big game to make a splash can be hard

The Chaotic TCG

However the Chaotic TCG already looks like it could prove to make that sort of splash. Let's have a look at some of the top benefits it has going for it.

  • There is already a successful kids TV show
  • Hit has a number of users already and looks to hit 'critical mass' soon
  • You can play online free – including a free starter deck
  • You can take anyone on, online, anywhere in the world
  • Online technology also allows instant trading of virtual cards

There are many other reasonsides. The official Chaotic website offers some free Chaotic codes (the electronic version of cards) as a starter deck and prizes, so getting free Chaotic codes that allows for many people of many different incomceptions and ages to get involved in Chaotic for free to start with – and once they get hooked many will start spending money.

The fact is that none of the other 'big' trading card games offer anything like real online play with your cards – which is what makes Chaotic so different.

The virtual cards are taken from the 'Chaotic code' which is on all the cards that you buy from shops in booster packs (same as any other card game). The official Chaotic site has a section for you to upload this code – allowing you to trade and fight with the virtual cards in the same way you would with real, physical ones. This means you can get your hands on free Chaotic codes from competitions and give-aways.

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