Christmas Gift Ideas For 10 Year Old Boys


What do you get a 10 year old boy for Christmas?

What are his interests?

By the age of ten, a child would pretty much have a strong opinion about what he wants. He may be totally crazy about Pokemon, or basketball with hopes of joining the school team.

At that age, what his peers think about him is important. He'd want to be with the in crowd. To have what the cool kids in school have. Maybe a cell phone or an MP3 player. Or the super yo-yo. Or whatever's the current craze in school.

What he likes is not necessarily what his father liked when he was ten years old. Dad may have loved Lego sets and Star Wars when he was ten years old. If you ask a ten year old today if he'd like a light saber or something from Star Wars for Christmas, he's likely to give you a blank stare.

The in-thing now that my ten-year old and his pals are crazy about are nerf guns.

Boys love weapons. Toy guns or anything they can shoot with, or fight with will go well with the boys. But the parents may not like such gifts. Especially if the kids end up breaking and antique vase or something as costly in the home, while playing with these Christmas gifts.

Parents would be much happier if you get the kids practical gifts. Like clothes. Or pajamas.

At that age, boys do get particularly disappointed when they unwrap the gift, to find that it is a new set of pajamas or some clothes or stationery. Boring. Unless the boy does like dressing up and you happened to pick an outfit he absolutely loves. If you know the boys taste and size perfectly and he is the sort who likes dressing up, then get him clothes. If not, then get a safer gift.

Is the boy into sports?

If he is totally into soccer or baseball or basketball, does he like to play the game or watch it?

If he has a favourite team, a gift that features his team or his favourite player would be well received. If he loves the game, get him new gear.

Match the gift to the boy's interest and he would be delighted when he opens your Christmas gift.

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