Family Board Games – Bringing the Family Together – Again


Remember the days when you used to play with your kids, and they would laugh and have a great time? So, what happened? Want to bring your family back, huh? Me too! I'm an avid PC gamer. I've always loved playing my friends online, and we always had a lot of fun.

I even encouraged my son to do the same …

Some of the problems I didn't realize are that it's different for kids, in the sense of how online communities have changed. It's opened up so much that you can't control the language or actions of people. Many kids are anonymously saying what they want, and there seems to be no way to stop the language. The whole idea of ​​a "friend" has even changed with the online communities.

The Online Community is Dangerous

So, now that the kids are older, and they have had a taste of the immediate gratification of 3D, shoot-em-up games, how do you get them interested in playing board games? It's a difficult transition because you don't want to pressure them or make it not enjoyable. Take a look at what your kids like? Pokemon? Call of Duty? Puzzle games, like Tetris? Sometimes finding something in their area of ​​interest is the most important thing. Some kids don't like to get beat all the time. Try a non-challenging game, like Apples to Apples or Whoonu. Honestly, when I was a kid, I just got tired of getting beat.

Some Tricks To Try

Here are some tricks I've learned:

  1. Learn the game before you sit down. At times, this is the hardest part. Remember, the goal here is to get social interaction between your family, or them and their friend on a social level. YouTube and Google have a wide array of videos on how to play, and some
  2. Use the power of peer pressure to your advantage. Try and peak their friend's interest in the game before you ask your children. If their friends want to play, they will want to play.
  3. Try playing the game when they are grounded. When kids are bored they'll do about anything. When my son is grounded from TV or computers, I find it's a perfect time to play a game. Although I know some parents say "grounded" means "no fun", but you can use this time to redirect their interests.
  4. If the kids want to do something fun this weekend, consider making a deal. Agree that what they want to do sounds like fun, and let them know you want to try something fun like this new game. Quid pro quo
  5. If the kids are going somewhere where they can't play video games, like summer camp, consider giving them a compact game to take like Blokus Travel, Fluxx, Carcassonne or Settlers of Catan Travel Edition, or the Ticket to Ride card game.
  6. Keeping it fresh and new is very important to kids. Playing Connect Four and Monopoly can be a dull and dreary to adults, as well as kids.

Have a list of games your kids like and think about:

  1. What games do they like?
  2. Are they competitive?
  3. Do they like puzzle games, or trivia games, or more creative games where they are involved with building things.

Board games have brought people together for hundreds of years, and are a great way to spend time with people you love. Here is a list of popular kid's games you may consider looking at when considering making the move.

If Your Kids Like This – Try … Board Games

  • Monopoly – Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride
  • Risk – Memoir '44, RISK 2010, Risk, Pirate's Cove
  • Battleship – Pirate's Cove
  • Connect Four – Blokus, RUMIS, Trapture, Color Scheme
  • Stratego – Memoir 44
  • Checkers / Chess – Blokus
  • Trivial Pursuit – Apples to Apples or Whoonu
  • UNO / Card Games – FLUXX
  • Clue – Mystery of the Abbey, Diplomacy

Computer Games

  • Call of Duty / HALO / Americas Army – Tides of Iron
  • Age of Empires – Carcassonne
  • Lumunes / Tetris – Blokus, RUMIS, Trapture
  • Sim City, Command and Conquer – Puerto Rico, Pillars of the Earth, San Juan
  • Starcraft – Starcraft the board game, Warcraft the board game
  • World of warcraft – World of Warcraft Board Game, World Of Warcraft: The Adventure Game
  • Doom – Doom the Board Game
  • Lord of the Rings – War of the Ring
  • Zoo Tycoon – Zoolorotto

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