How To Draw Pokemon Character Ash Ketchum

Ash and Pikachu

As fans of the older Pokemon series know, Ash Ketchum was the main character of the series, and initially portrayed as a bumbling newcomer to the art of catching, summoning and fighting Pokemon. Drawing Ash is a fairly simple process, as his face is predominantly made up of extremely simple shapes. With a small amount of practice, you will be able to draw a picture of Ash Ketchum that is indistinguishable from official Pokemon artwork.

Step One: The Basics

Ash Ketchum’s head is a circle with an inverted triangle placed at the very bottom center of the circle’s perimeter. The triangle will eventually form a mouth. Once you’ve placed the triangle and the circle, begin drawing a line starting halfway up the left side of the circle. At the point where the line is level with the top of the triangle, angle the line in towards the triangle’s point. Stop when the line is level with the point of the triangle, and repeat on the other side.

Draw a short line inside the lower fifth of the circle, aligned with the middle of the inverted triangle; this will be Ash’s nose. Turn the line into a small triangle with the tip pointing to your left, and color it in.

Step Two: The Eyes

Like most anime eyes, Ash’s are made of three nested ovals; a large one for the whites, a medium one for the iris and pupils, and a small one for highlght. The highlight circle is usually placed in the top interior section of each iris. Draw two long, angular triangles pointing down in a V shape over the eyes; these are the eyebrows. Finally, draw a downward-curving line halfway up the inverted triangle mouth; that creates the interior of his mouth.

Step Three: Finishing Touches

Ash’s hat is made of a flat-bottomed dome, with a slightly smaller flat-bottomed dome inside. Draw a downward-curving line similar to the one in the mouth across the bottom third of the interior dome, and then draw a line that bisects the area above the downward curve. Now you’ve drawn Ash’s hat.

Draw some jagged triangles for hair and the symbol on his baseball cap. Finally, include a small, jagged line on each cheek to indicate excitement, and add two small ovals on either side of his head for the ears.

Congratulations, you have your own picture of the Pokemon hero!

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