How to Draw Pokemon


How it Started!

Learning how to draw Pokemon is very simple and works off of basic geometric shapes. Pokemon hit the television airwaves in the 90s and with the interesting characters that were developed, many people began to want to learn how to draw Pokemon.

Keep it Simple for Poliwag!

Poliwag is one of the simplest Pokemon characters to draw. Begin with a large, egg-like shape that will be the basis of his body. You want this circle to be large enough that will allow you to add in all of the detail without a problem.

Draw another circle slightly to the bottom of the circle. This will allow you enough space to draw the face. These two circles should be similar to an egg with a yolk in the middle. Now you will want to add eyes and nose at the top of the second circle. The eyes should be half ovals that drop down for the top of the large circle. Now you can simply add a tail, feet and the spiral on the body. Add lips to the little nose circle and you have a Poliwag to color how you wish.

Popular Pikachu!

Pikachu is one of the most popular Pokemon characters and to learn how to draw Pokemon Pikachu is very simple. It takes less than ten steps to draw this character. Begin by drawing a basic outline for the head. Make one arched line for the top of the head and then two disjointed lines for the side of the head. The ears will be drawn where you have left spaces. Next, draw two long lines down from the two side headlines. Arch these lines out slightly to form the body.

Give Pikachu Feet!

Add the feet to Pikachu by making simple jagged toes and then connect the feet with a curved line that arches upwards slightly. Next, draw two long and pointed ears with a small line near the points of the ears. Draw two simple cartoon eyes with pupils, a small upside down triangle nose and a mouth. Add two arms to the front of the body with several pointed fingers. Finally draw a zig-zagged tail with a small zig-zag near the base of the tail, and add in the two semi-circles on his cheeks.

As you can see, learning how to draw Pokemon is very simple and the characters are very basic.

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