Climbing the levels in Pokémon Go is easy at first. The game gives you xp for virtually everything you do; catching a pokémon, swiping a pokéstop, fighting gyms, it all gives xp. You should be able to reach level 6 quite easily. At this point you should start to notice that gaining xp is gradually becoming slower as you need more to level up. It might be demoralizing to level up slower and slower but keep in mind that everything you do gives you xp so you are constantly working towards the next level

You could be one of those people who doesn’t have a lot of time to spare on a game like Pokémon Go because you have to work from 9-5 and have other things to do after work like relaxing and taking a nice long bath. Even for you there’s still hope when it comes to gaining experience and levels. Swiping pokéstops gives a small amount of xp. Most of the time you will find pokéstops to be monuments in your area, so going for a quick walk with the dog past those monuments could give you a low but easily gained amount of xp.
While you are out visiting pokéstops, you will probably come along some pokémon depending on how large your walk is. Every pokémon counts. If you have enough pokéballs you should try to catch everything in your path. Every pokémon gives xp regardless of how many times you’ve caught it already. Pokémon you haven’t caught yet will give a little more xp than usual but this is only for the first time you catch it. Make sure to keep all these pokémon so you can evolve them later for xp with a lucky egg.
If you see a new pokémon on your radar and you have the time, always try to catch it. New pokémon give more xp than pokémon you’ve already caught. It would be easiest to do this if you know other pokémon trainers in the area as you can send eachother messages whenever you catch something new. Pokémon usually stay in the same spot for about 10-15 minutes so you have a short amount of time to get there. Rare pokémon often despawn earlier to keep them rare.
Battling gyms will also give you xp. It doesn’t matter if the gym belongs to your team or not, all battles give xp. The more pokémon you defeat in battle, the more xp you will gain. If you’re planning on putting a pokémon in the gym after conquering it, it would be wise to fight the gym with pokémon who have a lower CP so you can quickly put one of your best pokémon in the gym before someone else does.
Pokemon Go XPAnother neat little trick you could use to gain more xp is to throw a curveball. Curveballs are balls which are thrown with a curve and are harder to hit. If you catch a pokémon using a curveball you will gain 10 more xp. It’s not much, but it all adds up in the end. Throwing balls which are ‘nice’ or ‘great’ or ‘excellent’ will also give you more xp so make sure to throw the balls as good as you can.
Now let’s go back to those pokéstops. Each time you swipe a pokéstop you will get either pokéballs, potions or revives. There’s also a chance that the pokéstop will give you an egg. You will need to put this egg in an incubator so you can hatch it. Hatching the egg is done by walking the amount of KM it says below the egg. Just like everything else in this game, hatching an egg gives you experience so it’s best to always have at least one egg in the incubator.

If you’ve caught, evolved or hatched a pokémon which you didn’t have yet, you will gain even more xp than a pokémon you already have. This amount of xp can range from 500-1000 xp depending on how you gain the new pokémon so be sure to stay on the look out for one you don’t have yet.
Now if you’re lucky enough to have a lucky egg, you can gain experience even faster. A lucky egg doubles all the xp you gain for half an hour. Yes, every single thing you do will give double xp, you read that correctly. It would be smart to use a lucky egg when you’re sure you won’t be doing anything else for half an hour and just gain as much xp as you can. Hatching, evolving and catching a new pokémon give the most xp so it would be great if you could do this in that time. Other than that I’d use your time to battle gyms as this gives more xp than catching a pokémon you already have.

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