Life of a Soldier


I could see the pontoon of young men trailing along the hearse before me, their gloomy faces lay lifeless above their heads and The Earth below us gurgled sometimes it was been waiting for its time, the moment it would bury all the corps and the moral sincerity of people and end it once for all, no need of being pretentious or being in disguise, putting up new skins when the old ones have not even sloughed.

If you wish to get someone killed send them in an army, this can be the worst you can do to anyone. While the soldiers die at the battle grounds, the others too know about their fate procession of a catafalque before their corpse and an affix of martyr to their names, a bunch of old tweets with "new recipients" from the prime minister and their family members – endless pains.

A few days before a few terrorists got way to our military base camps and killed our soldiers sleep.When the news was received a fanatic surge of hat was seen, people took to the streets, and I saw them standing before me, swaying old banners , a few candles, loud noises and careful police officers diverting the traffic on the other side. Perhaps this would pressurize the government or at least this is what the people think of the media they are good as in every case, and for the government, this too should sound a great big deal. But what would it do in the end have a talk to remove terrorism the same thing we have been telling that nation for over a decade or why not just blow up Pakistan? Wait there are innocent people too.

I do not know what was the hullabaloo all about, candle march for the martyrs especially from those people who treat the Republic and Independence day of our country as no more than National holidays and a day for rest. Perhaps, I saw a few of them playing Pokemon Go, some were purely meandering because they would boost the other day to their friend look! It's me in the newspaper.

Its is quite clear that patriotic feelings have diminished in the men to such an inhumane level that they fail to take any consideration of the life of those soldiers that have given their life for the sake of the nation in such a way and manner that we have to take this thing to a national level and foreseen the harmful effect of them.

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