Make A Model Of Your Favorite Cartoon Character With Seed Beads


A German artist has recently gained attention for creating a series of magnificent mini sculptures of Pokemon characters out of just seed beads and wire. These little creations look just like the characters that they are emulating, but they have been painstakingly created from a very unusual medium. Although seed beads can be used for a lot of different things, such as jewelry making, cushion design and to jazz up clothing, not many people have used them as the main component in models. However, if you have the time and the patience, you too can make models out of small beads and wire.

If you want to make a model, first you need to decide which character or design that you want to create. Although you can make Pokemon characters for your own enjoyment or to practice on, it may be a better idea to come up with your own ideas if you want to sell them, so that you can have a unique selling point. It is best to start with a relatively simple character, because the beads and wire can be difficult to work with at first.

Once you have chosen the character that you want to create, you will need to go about making a basic design sketch so that you can consider the best way to be able to create the model. It is best to start with the main body of the figure and then add on appendages, such as arms and legs at the end.

To begin working, you will need a range of different colors of seed beads and some strong yet flexible jewelry wire. You should also use some jewelry making pliers, so that you can bend the wire easily. Although this wire can be bent by hand, you will find that you are able to bend it with increased precision if you use the correct tools. There are two main ways with which you can craft the main body of the figurine. You can either wind single (or multiple pieces) up into the correct shape, or you can interlay pieces over one another. The style which works best for you will probably depend on what shape you are trying to craft.

It is easiest to put the seed beads in position as you are crafting the frame, as this will help you to shape the model. This will help you to get the right width, based on the width of each individual bead. It will also allow you to create bends and turns in the wire frame of the model which you may otherwise be unable to get beads past, if you were to try to complete the frame before adding the beads. To complete the frame, bend about 0.75cm of the wire around the last of the seed beads, and then twist it back on itself between the last two beads, so that it stays firmly in place. Make sure that there are no sharp bits sticking out on the model.

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