Nintendo 64 Pokemon Stadium Review


The famous and very popular Pokemon Stadium game is one of the coolest and most fun games you will ever play. There are many kids who just simply love Pokemon and anything that has to do with them in general. This is a very powerful game and is fun for both kids and adults. There are so many new games that have to do with Pokemon that different people have many favorites. But most people know about this game and truly do like it the best.

The game play is very simple; you are going to participate in many events in the stadium using your favorite Pokemon character. The goal of the game is to earn as much points as possible from the different events you have to participate in. The more points the better because this is the only way that you will win the game and be named the Pokemon king of the stadium.

It is a very fun game to play with other people and have a good time. Now that you know the good aspects of the game I am going to reveal the not so good review on this game. I will keep everything honest and within reason.

Even though this is a great fun game there are some downfalls, these downfalls are that all you basically do the whole game is battle with no purpose, there is no plot or adventure like feel and on top of everything it is a very expensive game. This game is fun and if you do not mind the price for it then definitely go for it.

The great aspect about this game Is that it is very realistic and makes the Pokemon characters look and sound exactly how they do in the TV series. If you are a hardcore Pokemon fan then this is a game that you will truly enjoy.

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