Pokemon Bed Set


Pokemon is one of the largest commercial lines within the kids character collections and is still going strong. They offer a wide array of quality Pokemon bedding sets and accessories from blankets and comforters all the way through to kids learning accessories such as the large collection of wall clocks, to help with learning all about time.

Both the Pokemon bed set as well as the accessories range is so large I don’t think they have left a single item uncatered for.

After recently redecorating the little ones bedroom, having been badgered for quite some time to decorate the room with a Pokemon theme, we were astounded with the choices available. Our little one must have thought it was Christmas.


Never thought she’d have loved a decorating store as much.

There were a few upsets along the way of course. We did have to put our foot down at one point and pipe up with the dreaded “NO” word. It just isn’t possible to get everything in the product line. Something had to give.

I have to say when it came to the wallpapering it was something I was dreading. I’m not the best at wallpapering myself, so trying to use Pokemon wall paper in the décor was something that wasn’t really an option for our little one unfortunately. Trying to match all they characters had me breaking a sweat just thinking about it. I’d be switching places with the young one and throwing the tantrums myself.

Thankfully, the Pokemon accessories range provides a handy alternative. I got to use plain old backing paper. Got to love it for simplicity. Then just slap some paint over it and job done. In came the accessories line to the rescue at this stage.

Did you know there are Pokemon wall murals available?

That was the life saver for me. No messing around with matching strips of wallpaper. Slap up the backing paper, coat of paint and add a Pokemon wall mural as a finishing touch and the little one was delighted to have a feature wall. Works great since the Pokemon bed set we had was quite busy.

The end result is pretty cosy looking, If I may say so myself. It’s not as busy as it would’ve been with the Pokemon wallpaper around every wall. That would be really busy. Instead, it has a natural tone with the Pokemon wall mural being the main feature.

There is a Pokemon border on the other natural wall coverings just to keep the theme going. The Pokemon wall clock adds a great addition, hanging on the smaller wall of the room where it looks a lot better than the old Pokemon posters that were there before while adding indistinct educational value as well.

The worst part of the makeover was definitely the Pokemon bed set. Trying to find the correct Pokemon bedding to suit the room décor in the size we were needing, proved to be a nightmare. We did eventually settle for a creamy Pokemon bed set featuring the all time favorite, Pikachu which compliments the overall theme perfectly.

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