Pokemon Birthday Party Ideas


A surprisingly popular, yet bafflingly complex television show and game is Pokemon, which involves the collection of odd little characters for some strange purpose. There is no point in attempting to explain what it is to parents, because most won’t be able to get it, but that is not the point. The real point here is that your children will want a Pokemon birthday party, and it’s going to be up to you to provide it for them.

Thankfully, you can use these party ideas to create a Pokemon themed birthday party of their dreams.

Bring Your Pokemon

Each kid is going to have Pokemon of their own, so why not have them bring them to the birthday party and make them honored guests? If a child does not have any, then it won’t be much for you to pick up a few Pokemon so that everyone can have one. Just include a question on the invitations asking if they have their own, and if they do, then to bring it. Once you have them over with their Pokemon, the kids can play with them for an hour or so as you get the cake and everything ready.

Watch The Show

Speaking of the show, why not have the kids watch the show for awhile? During birthday parties, it can be difficult to get everything done while you are trying to keep the kids busy with something. Instead, just plop them down in front of the television and let them watch their favorite show; Pokemon. While they do this, you can get things ready for the second part of the day, while preparing the presents and food for them.

Pokemon Hunt

One major aspect of Pokemon is the hunt. Instead of designing Pokemon for the kids and letting them find them, why not do it with their own? As well, hide a few treats like chocolate and such so that they can also find some other things that will give them a bit of joy during the day. Hide them well throughout the house and the yard, and give them clues as to where to find them.

Pokemon, despite its confusing nature, is still very popular. It may be hard for parents to understand the show, but when you are planning a Pokemon Birthday Party, it can be a lot of fun.

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