Pokemon Chaos Black


With the release of Pokemon Black and White, there may be some confusion about the Pokemon version of the game titled Pokemon Chaos Black. This tile is, in fact, not a title released by Nintendo – it’s a hacked ROM.

What is a hacked ROM?
If you are not familiar with what a ROM is, it is the file that contains the actual game. Some people are able to extract the game file from game cartridges and then those ROMS can be run on a computer using a game emulator, or the file can be loaded onto another, specially designed cartridge to be played in your handheld console system. This practice is, of course not really legal.

Chaos Black
Chaos Black continues to be one of the most popular fan-modified Pokemon ROMs available. The game is actually a modified version of the previously released third generation title Fire Red. (Pokemon Black and White are fifth generation). The majority of the Chaos Black game is the same as it’s originating counterpart, and the cities and towns are the same in both versions. The trainers the players encounter are also pretty much the same, remaining in the same locations on the map, and battling with the same Pokemon.

Even though the game may initially seem like it is the same, the wild Pokemon have been shuffled about, but the capture rate has not been adjusted to accommodate the new locations. This makes it extremely frustrating early game to capture some of the Pokemon you may encounter. This is not the only frustrating part of the game either, the game is quite glitchy and as play progresses, the number of glitches seems to increase. By the time the player reaches Mt. Moon it is all but impossible to continue with the storyline unless you enable cheat codes!

The Pokedex
The creator of Pokemon Chaos Black redesigned some of the Pokemon in the game. This includes the three starter Pokemon which are now Magid, Flaon and Bligu. The player will notice though that even though the battle sprites look different, the other sprites for the Pokemon have not been updated. This means when you are looking at your Party Pokemon, the old sprite will be there instead of it looking like the new one.

The original creator has released this ROM on the internet, which means that you can likely find it if you do a search for it. Sometimes the game can also be purchased as a boxed cartridge from online auctions such as eBay. The typical price for purchasing Chaos Black is about $25 USD, but remember that this ROM is not endorsed at all by Nintendo or Gamefreak even though the packaging might look official and have a Nintendo logo.

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