Pokemon Go Buddy System Guide – Walking Distances

Pikachu Buddy System

Pokémon Go has released a new Buddy System that allows you to earn candy for a Pokemon by walking them certain distance. However, the distances you need to travel to gain candy for a Buddy Pokemon varies; that’s why we’ve put together a chart below detailing all the unique distances as well as other useful information.

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Pokédex NumberThumbnailNameKm per 1 CandyEgg Hatching Distance
1BulbasaurBulbasaur3 km2 km
2IvysaurIvysaur3 kmN/A
3VenusaurVenusaur3 kmN/A
4CharmanderCharmander3 km2 km
5CharmeleonCharmeleon3 kmN/A
6CharizardCharizard3 kmN/A
7SquirtleSquirtle3 km2 km
8WartortleWartortle3 kmN/A
9BlastoiseBlastoise3 kmN/A
10CaterpieCaterpie1 km2 km
11MetapodMetapod1 kmN/A
12ButterfreeButterfree1 kmN/A
13WeedleWeedle1 km2 km
14KakunaKakuna1 kmN/A
15BeedrillBeedrill1 kmN/A
16PidgeyPidgey1 km2 km
17PidgeottoPidgeotto1 kmN/A
18PidgeotPidgeot1 kmN/A
19RattataRattata1 km2 km
20RaticateRaticate1 kmN/A
21SpearowSpearow1 km2 km
22FearowFearow1 kmN/A
23EkansEkans3 km5 km
24ArbokArbok3 kmN/A
25PikachuPikachu1 km2 km
26RaichuRaichu1 kmN/A
27SandshrewSandshrew3 km5 km
28SandslashSandslash3 kmN/A
29Nidoran?Nidoran?3 km5 km
30NidorinaNidorina3 kmN/A
31NidoqueenNidoqueen3 kmN/A
32Nidoran?Nidoran?3 km5 km
33NidorinoNidorino3 kmN/A
34NidokingNidoking3 kmN/A
35ClefairyClefairy1 km2 km
36ClefableClefable1 kmN/A
37VulpixVulpix3 km5 km
38NinetalesNinetales3 kmN/A
39JigglypuffJigglypuff1 km2 km
40WigglytuffWigglytuff1 kmN/A
41ZubatZubat1 km2 km
42GolbatGolbat1 kmN/A
43OddishOddish3 km5 km
44GloomGloom3 kmN/A
45VileplumeVileplume3 kmN/A
46ParasParas3 km5 km
47ParasectParasect3 kmN/A
48VenonatVenonat3 km5 km
49VenomothVenomoth3 kmN/A
50DiglettDiglett3 km5 km
51DugtrioDugtrio3 kmN/A
52MeowthMeowth3 km5 km
53PersianPersian3 kmN/A
54PsyduckPsyduck3 km5 km
55GolduckGolduck3 kmN/A
56MankeyMankey3 km5 km
57PrimeapePrimeape3 kmN/A
58GrowlitheGrowlithe3 km5 km
59ArcanineArcanine3 kmN/A
60PoliwagPoliwag3 km5 km
61PoliwhirlPoliwhirl3 kmN/A
62PoliwrathPoliwrath3 kmN/A
63AbraAbra3 km5 km
64KadabraKadabra3 kmN/A
65AlakazamAlakazam3 kmN/A
66MachopMachop3 km5 km
67MachokeMachoke3 kmN/A
68MachampMachamp3 kmN/A
69BellsproutBellsprout3 km5 km
70WeepinbellWeepinbell3 kmN/A
71VictreebelVictreebel3 kmN/A
72TentacoolTentacool3 km5 km
73TentacruelTentacruel3 kmN/A
74GeodudeGeodude1 km2 km
75GravelerGraveler1 kmN/A
76GolemGolem1 kmN/A
77PonytaPonyta3 km5 km
78RapidashRapidash3 kmN/A
79SlowpokeSlowpoke3 km5 km
80SlowbroSlowbro3 kmN/A
81MagnemiteMagnemite3 km5 km
82MagnetonMagneton3 kmN/A
83Farfetch'dFarfetch'd3 km5 km
84DoduoDoduo3 km5 km
85DodrioDodrio3 kmN/A
86SeelSeel3 km5 km
87DewgongDewgong3 kmN/A
88GrimerGrimer3 km5 km
89MukMuk3 kmN/A
90ShellderShellder3 km5 km
91CloysterCloyster3 kmN/A
92GastlyGastly3 km5 km
93HaunterHaunter3 kmN/A
94GengarGengar3 kmN/A
95OnixOnix5 km10 km
96DrowzeeDrowzee3 km5 km
97HypnoHypno3 kmN/A
98KrabbyKrabby3 km5 km
99KinglerKingler3 kmN/A
100VoltorbVoltorb3 km5 km
101ElectrodeElectrode3 kmN/A
102ExeggcuteExeggcute3 km5 km
103ExeggutorExeggutor3 kmN/A
104CuboneCubone3 km5 km
105MarowakMarowak3 kmN/A
106HitmonleeHitmonlee5 km10 km
107HitmonchanHitmonchan5 km10 km
108LickitungLickitung3 km5 km
109KoffingKoffing3 km5 km
110WeezingWeezing3 kmN/A
111RhyhornRhyhorn3 km5 km
112RhydonRhydon3 kmN/A
113ChanseyChansey5 km10 km
114TangelaTangela3 km5 km
115KangaskhanKangaskhan3 km5 km
116HorseaHorsea3 km5 km
117SeadraSeadra3 kmN/A
118GoldeenGoldeen3 km5 km
119SeakingSeaking3 kmN/A
120StaryuStaryu3 km5 km
121StarmieStarmie3 kmN/A
122Mr. MimeMr. Mime5 km10 km
123ScytherScyther5 km10 km
124JynxJynx5 km10 km
125ElectabuzzElectabuzz5 km10 km
126MagmarMagmar5 km10 km
127PinsirPinsir5 km10 km
128TaurosTauros3 km5 km
129MagikarpMagikarp1 km2 km
130GyaradosGyarados1 kmN/A
131LaprasLapras5 km10 km
133EeveeEevee5 km10 km
134VaporeonVaporeon5 kmN/A
135JolteonJolteon5 kmN/A
136FlareonFlareon5 kmN/A
137PorygonPorygon3 km5 km
138OmanyteOmanyte5 km10 km
139OmastarOmastar5 kmN/A
140KabutoKabuto5 km10 km
141KabutopsKabutops5 kmN/A
142AerodactylAerodactyl5 km10 km
143SnorlaxSnorlax5 km10 km
147DratiniDratini5 km10 km
148DragonairDragonair5 kmN/A
149DragoniteDragonite5 kmN/A


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