Pokemon Party Favors Are a Popular Way to Thank Guests at Your Child’s Birthday Celebration


If you are looking for something to pass out as party favours at your next party consider Pokemon party favors. Pre filled favor boxes are a great way to remind guests how much fun they had at your party, and to make the children attending feel as if they received a gift, as well as the one having the birthday. They are a great way to thank your guests for attending the party.

The tradition of party favours cannot be traced back precisely but they are present in history as far back as sixteenth century Europe when Nobles gave candy and other sugar products to their guests. Since sugar was a luxury afforded by a small few, this was a mark of prestige, and the gifts of sugar usually came in some sort of fancy dish or container.

Kids party favors are often hard to find at your normal department store, except in limited selections, but if you look online you will find a virtual cornucopia of party favors for kids, for every occasion. Pokemon kids birthday party favors are a great way to go because kids love Pokemon, and the character is popular with both younger children and pre-teens.

Pokemon is a series of more than 400 fictional characters that have been franchised into books, movies, television shows and trading cards. They are cute and lovable contractions of the original Japanese, which translated means pocket monster. Pokemon is popular all over the world, and it is second only to Nintendo’s Mario Series in terms of video game popularity.

Pokemon are controlled by Trainers, who do battle with their Pokemon, sometimes in a scrimmage type scenario with another Pokemon trainer and sometimes to battle evil. Each Pokemon has different abilities, which is why it has become such a popular trading card game, as kids collect their Pokemon and do battle via the rules of the cards.

If you are looking for the quick and easy Pokemon Party favors then you may want to consider the pre-filled favor boxes, for those who are short on time. You can also use an empty Pokemon party favor box to add your own favors, or even custom made items.

Pokemon party gifts are available in many different types, depending upon the age of the children that you are giving the favors to, and the amount of money that you want to spend. A party favor box might contain stickers, books, pens or other Pokemon gear, or you may even want to include a pack of Pokemon trading cards for each child to expand – or start their Pokemon card collection.

Pokemon are such a hit with kids that you may even want to consider Pokemon party supplies such as tablecloths, napkins, plates or plastic flatware. Using Pokemon as a theme for your next party involving kids is sure to be a hit and especially if you include the Pokemon party favors.

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