Pokemon Ruby Walkthrough


Pokemon Ruby is a GameBoy Advance video game, following in the footsteps of it’s massively popular predecessors, such as Pokemon Red, Blue, Gold and Silver. Pokemon ruby features and all-new storyline, and along with Pokemon Sapphire, is the first game in the third generation of Pokemon games. Released in 2002, it blew the world away with its updated set of graphics, meaning Pokemon battles were now clearer and more amazing than ever. The game also features many more puzzles than you might be used to in this kind of game, and you’ll need to use your head in order to succeed.

By far the biggest addition to Pokémon Ruby is the all-new two-on-two battle system. This allows you to play a two-on-two battle with three other friends, by using the link-up facility. Another new feature are the contests, which allow you to show off you best Pokemon and win prizes.

The area in which the game is played is called Hoenn, and has never been seen before in any previous game in the series. The Pokemon ruby walkthrough states that there are 8 badges to collect before you can take the famous march up Victory Road and battle the Elite Four. The Pokemon ruby walkthrough also says that the Elite Four are tougher than ever, and will cause a few surprises, especially when you find out who their leader is!

Many have called this game the finest of the series so far, and when paired with Pokemon Sapphire, it’s hard to argue. With over 250 different Pokemon to capture, collect and train up, it’s easy to get lost in the world completely, and for the hours to float away. For most people this is a dream come true, but for others it will require immense patience, and may even result in a bit of frustration, because catching them all is such a big task.

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