The Greatest RPG of All Time!


Crowning a game as the best RPG game ever made is no easy feat. There are so many things to consider. Is it fun? Has it survived the test of time? What innovations did it bring to the genre? Does the game get old or boring? I considered these, along with a few other questions as I made my list of possible candidates.

My possible candidates were as follows, The Elderscrolls III Morrowind, Crono Trigger, Pokemon Red / Blue, Final Fantasy VII. I was able to rank them from 4-1 following my criteria.

4) Pokemon Red / Blue. By shear undeniable popularity, this game must be on the list. 2 weeks after this game hit the streets every preteen and teenager was catching them all. With its wonderful mix of violence and cute critters the game captured the hearts of many children. The game was its own world filled with monsters one could catch and train, who wouldn't like that?

3) Final Fantasy VII. This is one of the defining games of the RPG genre and a ground breaking game for the gaming world. Not only did this game set forth a new standard for RPG's but it integrated fantastic characters and character development. By the end, the gamer feels a connection with the characters that is not often found in most games.

2) Crono Trigger. A game with more twist and turns then an Indy car race. The game uses time travel to show the gamer the importance of small and seemingly unimportant events. The cast of characters are wildly diverse and interesting. The game uses a time based strategy which works great with the great variety of foes in the world.

1) The Elderscrolls III Morrowind. This is by far the greatest RPG ever made for a few reasons. The PC version is still releasing mods, which means people love playing it so much they are still designing new levels, characters, and quests. The game is completely open. There are no rules to Morrowind. If you want to go out and murder every single character in the game YOU CAN (you better hope that you are tougher then that 5000 year old wizard). If you want to steal from every shop, kill every cop, become a werewolf, become a vampire, become the most power wizard in the world and kill gods you can. The game also has a wonderful world of humanoids and monsters like cat people and lizard men. Morrowind's complete freedom makes it the best RPG ever created.

On a side note, Morrowind is one of the most frustrating, challenging, complicated games I have ever played. I am still blown away by the complexity of the game. The most important part and hardest part is character creation, which is right at the beginning. If you do buy this game and try it out go on line and look for Morrowind help, there is no shame in getting help for this game, it is extremely hard but also extremely rewarding. Enjoy.

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