The Various Items Kids Have Enjoyed Collecting Over the Years


Some people really enjoy collecting items that fit into a certain category. Being a collector can turn into a profitable but also expensive hobby as an adult. Most of these adults became collectors as kids and most children at one time or another get eaten up in a fad and start collecting whatever thing seems to be in at the time. Many toy companies actually try to figure out what would appeal to young kid collectors to try to make a profit while others just happened by accident. If you ask most adult men if they ever collected anything as a youngster, a large majority of them would probably say they collected baseball cards or Topps baseball cards. This fad is not as popular today with young boys and other things seem to grab their attention. This article will look into some of those collecting fads that have kids collecting away.

Baseball cards were one of the first popular things for kids to buy and collect. Many young boys would save their money for them and then spend hours trading their cards with their friends to get just the ones they needed or wanted. Baseball collecting is still popular today but more so for adults as it has become a big business as far as collectibles. The rarer card is, the more money it is worth. Other sports such as football followed baseball by putting out cards of their players but the baseball cards still tend to bring in the highest bidders.

Another craze that hit in the 90's for kids and adults as well was the Beanie Babies craze. These reasonably prized small stuffed animals that were like bean bags became a huge craze and something that made many kids into collectors. They introduced a new animal at a time, and then retired the others making it perfect for collecting and trading. It was not unusual for a young child to have hundreds of beanie babies in their room during this decade. The small price and how colorful and cute they were immediately attracted kids to them and the parents cave in because they were not pricey.

Another big craze in the 90's were the Pokemon cards which were a trading card that was also a game. Much like the baseball cards, kids would flock to the stores with their money to buy another packet hoping to get a new card for their collection. Trading them became hugely popular as well and it was not uncommon to see kids walking around with large binders of Pokemon cards under their arms in the 90's.

The latest craze right now is called Silly Bandz. They are rubber band like items in various colors that kids like to wear as bracelets. When you take them off, they form into a certain shape, like an animal or another symbol. Kids trade for shapes that they do not have and buy the inexpensive items as soon as they are in stock right now.

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