Why the Chaotic TCG Will Prove to Be the Next Big Thing


TCG's, Trading Card Games (also known as CCG's – collectible card games) are a competitive market. The likes of Pokemon, Magic the Gathering and Yu Gi Oh certainly rule the roost – with many others, including those large companies such as Marvel and Blizzard (makers of World of Warcraft) provide stiff competition.

So it can be hard to predict what the next 'big thing' will be.

Chaotic TCG

But the Chaotic TCG is already looking like it can be a real contender in the TCG market place. This is assisted by a number of factors.

  • It already has a hit TV show
  • It offers free initial online play to get people hooked
  • Using the online feature players can play anyone all over the world
  • You can trade Chaotic 'codes' instantly anywhere in the world

And that's not all. With competitions offering great prizes from their official website, and the ability to grab free Chaotic codes as part of promotions, many people – of all ages and budgets, are getting excited by the Chaotic TCG.

When you consider that none of the other trading card games can offer a true online experience from the physical cards that you can by you realize that Chaotic has a real edge.

The Chaotic cards are available to buy from shops in booster packs and the like contain what is known as a Chaotic code. You can use this Chaotic code to upload to the main Chaotic site – allowing you to play with, and trade, this virtual card online in the same way you can play with and trade the physical card in real life. As such you can even get virtual cards that you do not have in real life via trading or freebie giveaways.

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