Happy New Year 2019 from the GO Hub team!

Trainers, the GO Hub team wishes you a Happy New Year! May 2019 be better than 2018 in every way to you, your friends, your family and your Poke family. 2018 was a difficult year for many, let’s keep the bad in the past and let’s hope that the future brings better times for everyone.

Our year in review

The Hub has seen a strong growth in 2018, mostly fueled by meta related articles, a few world first data mines and, of course, our impressive collection of Raid Guides. Ironically, although 2018 was arguably the best year for GO Hub ever, January 2018 was one of the worst months we’ve ever had.

We also grew to ~155k followers on Twitter, roughly ~50k likes on Facebook and ~17k followers on Instagram. I still don’t understand Instagram, but people keep assuring me that “everyone is on Instagram” and that we should be there as well. What happened to good ol’ Twitter, we’re not into that anymore? 🙁

Growth and good metrics aside, the really big thing that happened to us in 2018 happened just recently, when Niantic invited us to a super secret Pokemon GO event for an early preview of the upcoming Trainer Battles system! The experience was humbling and inspiring at the same time, giving us the much needed confidence to continue working and publishing about Pokemon GO.

In total, a little over 19 million unique visitors visited the Hub in 2018, amounting to a total of 71 million visits across the year. Comparing that to 2017, we’ve seen a 22% growth in visitors and a 70% growth in sessions! Not too bad!

A few words about our other sites

As we slowly sail into 2019, we want to remind our readers that we’ve launched / refreshed a few other websites in 2018:

  • es.pokemongohub.net – our Spanish edition is still going strong, topping 2018 in terms of results and audience reach.
  • db.pokemongohub.net – we’ve completely revamped our Database site, creating one of the best tools in the GO Hub line up.
  • wizardsunitehub.info – we’ve launched a new website in preparation for the inevitable release of Wizards Unite in 2019. The website is slowly gaining traction.
  • metahub.info – Metahub has seen a strong growth pattern in 2019, attracting more and more readers to various gaming articles: Jurassic World Alive, Last Day on Earth, Ingress, etc.

In case you want to follow these on social media, there are links available on every separate web site. We respect our readers and we try to keep the number of crossing tweets to a bare minimum.

And that’s it folks! Strong growth, a good, albeit a difficult year, is behind us. Let’s see what comes next – maybe Pokemon GO can make an even bigger return in 2019? Will see, but we’re confident it’s not going away anytime soon!

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