What has Pokémon Go got in store for us in the future?


Pokémon Go hasn’t been on the market for long but people are already asking for more and greater updates. The past few updates have mainly been fixing bugs and finding out what works best for the audience playing the game. A lot of people thought this was it. This was all Niantic had to offer us. Luckily, Niantic has revealed that they are working on some great updates which will greatly improve the gaming experience for a lot of us. After the release of Pokémon Go they were invited to show up at Comic Con. There was so much demand for their panel that they were moved to the biggest hall at Comic Con where you would usually find all the popular TV shows. They haven’t revealed much on how they are going to add the new updates yet or to what extent, but they are definitely working on adding more content.

One of the great updates we’ve heard them talk about is the possibility of adding 2nd generation pokémon to the game. This would mean that along with all the first generation pokémon we have right now, we would be seeing some or even all of the 2nd generation pokémon in the game. This announcement has gotten players wondering whether this means that the first generation will spawn less often, or that the game will now spawn pokémon more often seen as there will be more pokémon to catch. The introduction of second generation pokémon also raises the questions whether people who start playing the game after this update will have new pokémon to choose as starters or whether they will have to pick first generation pokémon. It also raises the question of whether Niantic will release every pokémon generation in existence in the future. There are tons of pokémon in every generation, so we’re not quite sure what we can expect after this update. Niantic is still trying to figure out how they’re going to introduce these new pokémon and how they could make it interesting, but they’ve dropped the hint of adding them so be prepared!

Another update we’ve heard them talk about it the possibility to change pokéstops into something else. Possibly pokécenters or something else? We don’t know, but they’ve got it planned for us and we can’t wait to see how it turns out. A lot of players have been asking for an update including pokécenters and pokémarts so maybe this means that Niantic does in fact listen to their players and is adding our wishes to the game. If pokéstops were turned into pokécenters this would mean that we could heal our pokémon for free. Pokécenters could also become a hotspot for trading pokémon if trading should ever be added to the game. If pokéstops were turned into pokémarts, this would potentially mean that we are able to buy revive potions, health potions, etc. Players are wondering whether this would cost pokécoins or whether Niantic will introduce a new way of paying, making it easier for those of us who don’t have much money to spend on games.

Pokemon gameboy
One of the most popular wishes by the players playing Pokémon Go is trading. We’ve seen trading in the game since the gameboy and obviously this crucial part was missing when we first played Pokémon Go. We loved being able to trade the pokémon we caught with our friends and receiving pokémon we haven’t caught or seen yet. Some people are against this update as they think it ruins the whole point behind catching the pokémon yourself and going outside and searching for them, but plenty of trading has been done in the real Pokémon world, so why not here? Niantic has now released that they are in fact looking at how they could add this into the game and in which way, so we might be able to trade with out friends in the near future!

With all these new updates giving off a shimmer of light in all the recent darkness, Pokémon Go players are sure to find themselves in a whole new world once again. A lot of players have quit the game recently because they didn’t think there was enough content and they wanted to be challenged more. Perhaps these new updates will give these players exactly what they’re looking for and they’ll return to the game to catch pokémon once more. We haven’t heard any new updates on the tracking system yet, but we’re sure that will come soon enough.

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