Let’s talk about luring pokémon

Lures activated

Sometimes we’ve just had enough of playing Pokémon Go for the day. Our feet hurt, we’re cold, hungry and we need a nice long bath to relax. After all, it can be quite exhausting to be out all afternoon or even all day to catch those pokémon. Some of us are lucky enough to live beside a gym and are still able to play the game and battle others even when we’re taking that nice relaxing bath. Other’s aren’t so lucky and when we go home and take that bath, we’re really done for the day. We will go back to sitting behind the TV or reading a nice book while we’re nice and warm inside with a cooked dinner. There’s nothing left for those people to do in the game for the rest of the day. Or is there?

One of the great perks of Pokémon Go is incense. You’ve probably heard this term before in one of the many pokémon games you’ve played on the Gameboy or Nintendo DS but the incense in Pokémon Go has a different function than before. In Pokémon Go, incense will allow you to lure pokémon towards your location without you having to walk all those steps. You can catch pokémon from your very own bed. This can be quite a weird idea for those of us who have played pokémon on the Gameboy and Nintendo DS. We’re used to having to use repel because we keep being swarmed with unwanted pokémon. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case in Pokémon Go so the incense isn’t such a bad idea in reality.

At first, incense can be quite confusing. You’re not sure how it works, when it works and if it even works at all or if you’re just being lucky with your pokémon. You can immediately see whether a pokémon has spawned thanks to the incense or if it was going to spawn anyway. Pokémon spawned by an incense will have a pink glow surrounding them just like your character will have after using the incense. An incense will last approximately 30 minutes and it usually spawns 5-6 pokémon per use. You can get any type of pokémon using incense so you don’t have to be in a specific terrain if you’re looking for certain pokémon. It is rumoured that it’s wise to be in those terrains nonetheless because that would attract pokémon of that type for your incense, but it hasn’t been confirmed so far. Pokémon spawned by your incense are only seen by you so if you’re out playing with friends they won’t see those pokémon.

Pokémon Go has also introduces lures. This feature is great for people who live near a pokéstop. Lures work pretty much the same as incense does but the pokémon spawned by a lure are available for everyone. A lure can only be used on a pokéstop so if you want to use these from your bed you will have to be one of the lucky people living near a pokéstop. You might be able to add a pokéstop if you don’t have one near your house by sending an email to Niantic with the request. This will mostly apply to people living in rural areas. A lure also lasts around 30 minutes. The great thing about lures is that they can stack. For example, if you’re standing in-between three pokéstops which all have a lure on them, you will be able to catch 3 times more pokémon than you would usually catch as they all spawn pokémon.

Lure Module
Lures can also be a great item to use if you want to meet more Pokémon Go players. In reality, Lures will attract more players than it will pokémon. There have been times where lures have attracted 20-100+ people at once. Use a lure down town and see how many people will turn up on their phones, you’d be surprised. The more people appear at a lure spot, the more chance you have of the lure being extended for a longer time as those people will probably set up a lure of their own after seeing how many people it attracts. Make sure never to walk towards a lure spot at night. People have been known to be robbed at knife or even gunpoint by walking towards lures at night. Unfortunately, this is a sad downside of the lures. Niantic can’t do anything about this and are relying on you to know what is responsible and what isn’t.

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