Some simple tips and tricks

Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

Since Pokémon Go has been released, we’ve all been walking around like crazy to catch pokémon, hatch eggs and battle other gym leaders. Most of us are pretty vanilla with this, meaning we do things very basic and don’t really look for easter eggs or anything of the sorts. We walk around, catch pokémon, put a pokémon in a gym and that’s pretty much it because our battery will be gone by then. Luckily, there are other people out there who live to find easter eggs in games and figure out ways to make the game easier. Some people find Pokémon Go to become quite boring after a while and you may be one of these people yourself, we don’t blame you. There are some tips and tricks out there which will help you make the most out of the game without having to spend too much time or battery on it. We’ve found some of these tips and tricks for you and would love to share them with you.

EeveelutionsOur first trick is about the eeveelutions. A lot of us are hoping to get a specific eeveelution and are pretty disappointed, with good reason, when we don’t get the one we were hoping for. Eevee’s aren’t that common in most places so it can take quite a while before you get the chance evolve your eevee again. There have been quite some theories about which trick actually works 100% to get the eeveelution of your choice and so far we’ve only found one of them to work. One of the Pokémon Go players has figured out a way to get the eeveelution you want guaranteed. This little trick takes us back to the cartoon series where the eeveelutions have specific names instead of their pokémon name. If you name your eevee according to what the eeveelutions were called in the series, you will get that eeveelution! The names are as follows: Sparky (Jolteon), Rainer (Vaporeon) and Pyro (Flareon). Keep in mind that this eeveelution works on the first of its type, but usually doesn’t work often after you’ve already obtained one of its kind.

Pokemon Go battery saver

It’s a commonly known fact that Pokémon Go drains quite a lot of battery. We’re glad that it doesn’t drain much data but it would be even better if it at least spared some battery for other apps. Although Niantic has added a power saving mode on both Android and Apple, it only works when you’re not using your phone because you have to hold your phone upside down for the power saving mode to turn on. Lowering the brightness of your screen can help reduce the battery drainage but it will still drain pretty fast. The only solution so far for this issue is to buy a power bank for your phone. With a power bank you can charge your phone while you are walking. It’s usually pretty small so can easily fit in your pocket. After the huge Pokémon Go trend, power banks are now also available in the colours and themes of your Pokémon Go team. You can also get them in the colour of a pokéball, a pokémon or with the Pokémon Go logo on it. If you’re not interested in any of those, you can always buy a normal power bank and decorate it with your own colours and stickers.


This last tip can be quite tricky to remember as we have other things on our mind than Pokémon Go, but it can be extremely useful to use the app whenever you’re out and about running errands. For example, if you’re taking your dog for a walk you could have the app open and hunt for pokémon during your walk. It might not be a long walk but you never know what you’ll encounter. You might just find that dragonite you were looking for. This is also useful for hatching eggs. Even though you will probably only walk somewhere between 200 meters to 1 km, it still counts towards hatching your egg and there’s a big chance you don’t have whatever pokémon is in the egg yet. All of this can also be done on your bike or skates but be sure not to go too fast as Pokémon Go will give you a warning or completely stop pokémon from spawning and thus also stopping your pedometer for your eggs. Also make sure to keep your eyes on the road if you’re cycling, skating or anything where you’re participating in driving traffic. There have already been enough incidents shaming the Pokémon Go name because players aren’t paying attention to the road.

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