Trainer Quest #1: Showcase your “Squirtle Squad” and win $10!


we are organizing our first ever Trainer Quest – a worldwide Pokemon GO challenge with a nice Prize for the winner!

Trainer Quests are a new “thing” organised by GO Hub, starting today and happening roughly every two weeks moving forward. Each Trainer Quests will lure Trainers worldwide to compete in a simple challenge created by us. In addition, every Trainer Quest we’ll be a new opportunity to win a $10 Gift and get mentioned on GO Hub.

We’re kicking off with a deceptively simple challenge – we’re looking for a Trainer with the highest number of caught Squirtles in their Pokedex!

The contest starts today, on April 21 2017 and ends next Friday, April 28 2017 (05:00 PM UTC)!

  • The Trainer with the highest number of Squirtles caught will be featured on GO Hub and will receive a $10 Gift from us
    • You must have a valid PayPal account to receive the gift and
    • You must follow @PokemonGOHubNet on Twitter
How to participate

Participating is very simple:

  • Tweet to us (@PokemonGOHubNet) with the following elements (all elements are required):
    • Screenshot of your Squirtle Pokedex page
    • Mention of @PokemonGOHubNet
    • Two hashtags
      • #pokemongo #squirtlesquad

Here is an example of a well formatted Tweet:

  • Unlimited entries are allowed, but only the last one will be considered
  • Any attempt of cheating and photo manipulation is strictly forbidden. If you’re caught cheating, you will be banned from all future Quests
  • Must have an active and working PayPal account to receive the $10 Gift from GO Hub
  • Must follow @PokemonGOHubNet on Twitter in order to receive the $10 Gift from GO Hub
  • Tweet must contain all required elements
    • both hashtags,
    • mention of @PokemonGOHubNet
    • a valid screenshot of your Squirtle Pokedex page
  • In a case of a tie, GO Hub will split the reward between all winners
  • Winner(s) will be and announced the day after the contest ends. In the unlikely case we’re unable to make the announcement the day after, we’ll announce it as soon as possible.

Let the Squirtle Festival begin!

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