Coming soon to PokeTrails 8.12.2016



I hope you are enjoying our website and are communicating and ideas and suggestions to us! In the meantime, I put together a list as far as upcoming features you can expect to see in the coming week.

  1. Rankings
    • Haven’t worked out the hierarchy just yet, but rankings will be based off the old Pokemon NPC characters (youngster, bug catcher, etc)
    • Points will be earned from activity on the website
  2. A PokeDex of the original 150 Pokemon and an option to show off the ones you have on your profile!
  3. Updating the homepage to include more community stuff.

One feature that was released this past week was Groups! Now you can request to join one of the 3 teams (Valor, Mystic, Instinct) or create your own! Start a local group for your area and coordinate meet ups, gym take downs and more!

Many more features will be developed as more things are released on Pokemon go, including trading and the oh so anticipated battles! So expect changes to ranking and point algorithms as soon as they do!

Have an idea for our ranking structure or something else? Post below!


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