The future of tracking Pokémon starts with “Sightings”

Pokemon Go Sightings

Pokemon Go has been updated to version 0.33.0 on Android, with version 1.3.0 on iOS is coming out “soon”. With this update, Pokemon Go released a new experimental system for finding and tracking Pokemon.

The new system is called “Sightings” instead of “Nearby” and has some limitations. “Sightings” is basically the same as “Nearby” but with some key differences:

  • “Sightings” has a higher refresh rate meaning you will be better updated on the Pokemon around you. This helps with Pokemon hunt because when you’re out of range, the Pokemon will disappear from the window. The max range is about 700 feet.
  • “Sightings” doesn’t show duplicate Pokemon. No more “Ratata, Ratata, Ratata, Pidgey, Ratata”
  • Pokemon are now displayed behind blades of grass.

With all this being said, there are still some things that are unclear. Such as whether or not the order of the Pokemon displayed have any significance on what’s closest to you.

Additionally, some players in major cities are lucky enough to have an additional “nearby” tab which displays what Pokestops each species has spawned near. Since this feature is still in the testing phase, not every Pokemon Go player will have access to it. For now, the “Sighting” feature will have to do.

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