Common errors and how to fix them


Although Pokémon Go is an extremely popular game and produced by the well known Niantic, the game doesn’t work all the time for everyone and there could be several reasons for this. Some people will give up immediately and delete the game after calling it ‘worthless’ and others will go on the internet in search for the answer to their problems. Luckily you’re one of the people giving this game a chance if you’re here looking for answers!
This game is certainly worth keeping on your phone so let’s get right to the problem solving.

The most common problem Pokémon Go users are having is the ‘GPS not found’ error. The game relies heavily on being able to see your location in order to make pokémon spawn, hatch eggs and much more so this could be a real party pooper.
The first thing you should do when you see this error is check if you’ve allowed the game to use your GPS in your options. This might sound like a stupid solution as you already did this when you started the game, but some phones like to live a life of their own and change the settings for no reason. How to get to these settings depends on what kind of phone and operating system you have so I recommend you search on the internet for directions.
If this doesn’t fix the error then I recommend going outside for two minutes. GPS satellites can be quite tricky and they don’t always pinpoint your exact location. Stepping outside where there aren’t any walls surrounding you and blocking the signal or aluminium or any other objects which might get in the way could solve your problem. Pokémon Go is, after all, a game to be played while you are walking outside.

Pokemon Go Playstore

Another error you could have which isn’t related to the ingame features of Pokémon Go is that the game isn’t showing up in your playstore. The first thing you should do then is check whether the game is available in your country. Although it was told that Pokémon Go would be a global release, they’ve appeared to crawl back from that statement and are still busy releasing the game per region. A simple search on the internet should show you the answer to this question.

Once you’ve found your answer and it turns out you should be able to play the game legally in your country, you should be looking at the specs of your mobile phone or tablet. Pokémon Go doesn’t have a lot of requirements opposed to other new games nowadays, but it does require you to have at least Android 4.4 You can check whether your phone has this operating system by going to your settings. If you don’t have Android 4.4 then make sure you upgrade your system before downloading the game. Certain phones aren’t able to upgrade past a certain version of Android so make sure to do your research on this. You can manually override your version if your phone doesn’t allow you to upgrade to Android 4.4 but I don’t recommend doing this unless you know what you’re doing. Not only could this ruin your phone if you don’t know what you’re doing but it could also cancel the warranty you have if anything happens.

If you are able to play the game in your country, your phone has the correct version of Android but the game keeps crashing, then there’s a good chance that your phone doesn’t have enough RAM to play the game. You will know whether your phone has enough RAM or not without going to your setting by opening the game once it’s downloaded. If the game loads for a little bit and then closes (or even if it immediately closes) there’s a great chance that your RAM is too low. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to fix this problem except buy a new phone with more RAM. RAM comes with the hardware of your phone so even if you find an app saying they can increase the RAM on your phone, they won’t be able to and they are simply trying to scam you.

Pokemon Go battery saver

As a lot of people know, Pokémon Go drains your phone battery pretty quick. Lowering this drain is an easy fix. You can lower the brightness on your screen which will already save a lot of battery. You can also turn on the power saving mode ingame which will turn off your screen when you hold your phone upside down. Turning off your GPS as soon as you’re done playing the game will also help keep your battery alive.

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