Pokemon Black and White Gym Leaders – Pass Through All 8 Gym Leaders in Unova


If you’re looking for extreme and exciting battles, then Pokèmon Black and Pokèmon White versions are the ideal games to grab. The concept of having gym leaders to combat was already available in the previous sequels but added expert features to these new versions rejuvenates the original feeling of the sweet victory of survival – with a new bunch of Pokèmon Sprites. In these newest Pokèmon craze, you will encounter eight Pokèmon Black and White Gym Leaders who are situated in different cities within Unova. Each one of these Gym Leaders exposes you to a glorious battle, in which you must remain undefeated to pass through.

Gym 1

  1. Location: Striaton City
  2. Leader and Pokèmon:
  • Chili – Lilipup, Pansear (Snivy)
  • Cilan – Lilipup, Pansage (Oshawott)
  • Cress – Lilipup, Panpour (Tepig)
  • Expertise: Water-type, Grass-type, Fire-type
  • Rewards: Trio Badge, TM83, Can use HM01 – Cut

In this gym, your knowledge regarding Pokèmon compatibility will be tested. A certain creature will be shown and you will determine which amongst the choices best represents that character. After answering the series of questions correctly, you will be able to pass through and meet the leader at the end of the gym. The gym leader that you will have to face depends upon the Pokèmon Black and White starter Pokèmon that you have selected.

Gym 2

  1. Location: Nacrene City
  2. Leader and Pokèmon:
  • Lenora – Herdier, Watchog
  • Expertise: Normal-type
  • Rewards: Badge, TM67

When you reach in this gym, you will first be asked to answer simple general questions before you can encounter Lenora.

Gym 3

Location: Castelia City

  1. Leader and Pokèmon:
  • Burgh – Whirlipede, Dwebble, Leavanny
  • Expertise: Bug-type
  • Rewards: Beetle Badge, TM76

In Castelia City’s gym, you will have to accompany the leader in the city harbor to fight against Team Plasma as an entry requirement. The puzzle concentrates on creating a path by passing through the honey goo and getting access to switches.

Gym 4

  1. Location: Nimbasa City
  2. Leader and Pokèmon:
  • Elesa – Emolga, Emolga, Zebstrika
  • Expertise: Electric-type
  • Rewards: Bolt Badge, TM72

In order your exact direction needed for travel, you have to activate switches. This process requires taking quite many roller coaster rides.

Gym 5

  1. Location: Driftveil City
  2. Leader and Pokèmon:
  • Clay – Krokorok, Palpitoad, Excadrill
  • Expertise: Ground-type
  • Rewards: Quake Badge, TM78

In this puzzle, you have to face Clay at the bottom of the gym through numerous lifts. But you will not immediately get the TM right after you win the battle. The gym leader will specifically instruct you to wait outside the Chargestone Cave where you can both meet later.

Gym 6

  1. Location: Mistralton City
  2. Leader and Pokèmon:
  • Skyla – Swoobat, Unfezant, Swanna
  • Expertise: Flying-type
  • Rewards: Jet Badge, TM62

In this part of the game, Skyla will get back to the gym after you have cheered her up in Celestial Tower. To get to the gym leader, you have to take a ride with cannons that shoot you toward the desired direction.

Gym 7

  1. Location: Sekka City
  2. Leader and Pokèmon:
  • Brycen – Vanillish, Cryogonal, Beartic
  • Expertise: Ice-type
  • Rewards: Icicle Badge, TM79

In this city, you will unexpectedly cross an icy floor to reach the gym leader. The main difference from the previous games is that you will discover walls that will spin you and jumps which propel you toward gaps.

Gym 8

  1. Location: Opelucid City
  2. Leader and Pokèmon:
  • Drayden / Iris – Fraxure, Druddigon, Haxorus
  • Expertise: Dragon-type
  • Rewards: Legend Badge, TM82

The Pokèmon Black and White characters, Drayden and Iris, will share their legend after you first listen to the Team Plasma’s speech made in the city. While getting to the gym does not actually involve a puzzle, you will have to walk through a thin maze and be fortunate to get on the right path to arrive at the desired destination.

Among others, the Pokemon Black and White Gym Leaders lend themselves to the already new and unique features of the Pokemon Black and Pokemon White versions.

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