Pokemon Go Is Your Tool for 21st Century Fundraising


Pokémon Go is taking the world by storm and it’s a great opportunity for YOUR fundraising success.

I’m always speaking about how the new world is here in fundraising.

If you think that the way nonprofits were fundraising yesterday is the way to do it today, you’re only half right.

Sure, a major gift or work with a board is going to be done face-to-face. But, it can’t be just about that if you’re looking for sustainability.

Your fundraising has to adapt to current trends, which increasingly means technology.

Look around. Have you seen kids walking down your block running into garbage cans?

Have you seen people staring into their phones-oblivious to the world around them? Well, if you’ve seen that, then you’ve witnessed the phenomena that’s sweeping the nation and the world.

You’re in Pokémon Go world!

Essentially, Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game, which means that the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds are integrated. In Pokémon Go, “trainers” go around the world catching Pokémon monsters, which can look like dragons or rats, for example.

The object is to catch them all. And during the game, which is done on a mobile device, you’re literally able to explore your neighborhood or the world as the chase for Pokémon continues.

Here are the basics that you want to know about Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go and YOUR Opportunity

Pokémon Go is a great opportunity for fundraising, just like the Ice Bucket Challenge was a couple of summer’s ago. Because Pokémon Go happens in real time and in the digital and real worlds, you can have a lot of fun with this.

The Pokémon Go game works with a person’s GPS on their mobile. In the game, there are Pokè Stops and Pokè Gyms. With Pokè Stops people have to physically go someplace to get a free item for the game. At a Pokè Gym people who are playing the game go to do battle against other teams.

    1. If your nonprofit is a Pokè Stop you’ll be getting people to arrive at your door for the free item. This is an opportunity for you to market your nonprofit! Have visuals and materials handy that people can see.


    1. If you happen to be near a Pokè Gym, reach out to your business and see if there’s some fundraising event you can do with them. It’ll help raise brand awareness for the gym and your nonprofit. You can even have the event be a mini-fundraiser for a Pokémon Go good cause.


  1. Let’s say you’re having a summer event (e.g. fair, walk/run, charity sports game), for $0.99 you can purchase a lure that will bring people to a Pokè Stop near you. You can encourage people to stop by your event by appealing to Pokémon Go players and incentivizing people (e.g. food, give-a-ways, raffles, etc.).

We’re working as I write this to incorporate our brands into the Pokémon Go craze. The bottom line; this is an opportunity. Find the Pokémon Go expert at your organization, think creatively and seize the opportunity!

Source by Wayne Elsey

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