Pokemon Yellow – A Gem of Its Time


Arguably one among the most addictive games to have been published by Nintendo, the Pokemon franchise has been a source of many great interactive adventures. Adventure, fame, excitement, and more was up for grabs to all trainers who dared take on the world of Pokemon. Pokemon Yellow, the first version that put the player in the shoes of the protagonist from the televised show, was a marvelous addition to the series.

Trekking all about the Kanto region in search of rare and common monsters alike are still in this game version, and just as enjoyable as ever. The main trainer is not traveling alone on foot this time, though, since Pikachu makes his appearance and follows the protagonist everywhere they go. With a friend at the player’s side, nothing can stop them in their journey to be the greatest Pokemon Master of all time.

In this version Pikachu hobbles behind the trainer, never before could players walk with their pets in the game. Brock and Misty, the leaders of the rock and water gym respectively, make their cameo appearance to the delight of many users. Moving ahead of the prior installments, Yellow upgraded all of their monster sprites and even had distinguishable opponent sprites.

The trainer always keeps the goal of becoming the next great Pokemon Master in their head as they venture forth into the wild world. The player must defeat all eight gym leaders and their respective monsters, as well as the legendary Elite Four. However there are more than just Pokemon lurking in the shadows, since Team Rocket is out to use the monsters for their own selfish gain.

The anime television show has the greatest influence within the game franchise on the Yellow version. The show’s gym leaders are not the only characters that appear in the game, Jesse and James of Team Rocket also show up. This evil duo is accompanied by their own pets and the talking Meowth.

Pikachu is the first Pokemon to stay out of his pokeball, the equivalent of a pet collar, and follow the trainer. This cute companion has many emotions and sounds that frequently are displayed to the player as a result of their actions. This phenomenal aspect further cemented Pikachu’s role as the mascot of the entire Pokemon franchise.

The chance to walk alongside the Pokemon was an opportunity that many fans have dreamed about in their sweetest of dreams. This wish was granted and all who have ever played the series had a real treasure to remember. Pokemon Yellow has been almost the fastest addition to hit top seller in such a short time.

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