July Box Sale Analysis: Mid-July Boxes


With the middle of the month, and a new update that has made some big changes to the game, we are presented with a new batch of sale boxes within the shop. They do not look like the best option for replenishing raid passes post-Raikou day, but they are not the worst, plus, the Adventure Box looks very plentiful this time around.

The Boxes

More Max Revives in these boxes, just like in the last round. The Max Revives had a mixed review from the Community, with players either praising or hating on the addition of them. Six Max Revives is not a hefty bounty, and can be gathered easily by sitting and spinning a gym for a while, but still, some people found them useful in the box. Putting them in the Ultra Box, probably the most popular box, is an interesting move from Niantic. How do you feel about the Max Revives in the boxes as opposed to other items found normally in these boxes?

Before we get into the analysis, as always, we would like to remind you that Incense and Lucky Eggs are priced at 63 coins a piece, to reflect their bulk sale value, Star Pieces are priced at 50 coins, and Max Revives at 30 coins.

Box Analysis

While not the best we’ve ever seen, the Ultra Box is definitely the best deal out of these three, with enough Raid Passes to sustain the price, plus a lot of Super Incubators for a balance. The Star Pieces are always welcomed, especially with the Stardust event coming up later in August.

Adventure Box Analysis

The Adventure Box has been hot with egg hatchers trying to get their shiny Alolans and baby Pokémon! This Adventure Box looks like quite the steal, let’s take a look.

With 15 Super Incubators and 4 Regulars, at 3 uses each, that is a potential for 57 egg hatches. The numbers speak for themselves, and the savings analysis looks just as good.

There we have it, full analysis of the current box sales. Whether you pick up one of these boxes, or pass and save for the next round, we hope you find these charts useful!

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