There are lots of ways you can catch the pokémon which appear ingame, and there are also tons of pokémon for you to catch. Without a doubt, you’ve probably caught around 30 different pokémon already. Although it’s good that you’ve caught these pokémon, you could probably catch them in a more efficient way. You can get extra xp and an increased chance of catching the pokémon depending on how you throw the pokéball. By knowing how to throw the ball and how you have the best chance of catching a pokémon, you can catch more difficult pokémon and maybe even rare ones.


When you click on a pokémon on your map the game will open a screen with the pokémon standing on a field (or wherever you are pointing your phone if you have AR on). You will see the CP (combat power) of the pokémon above it’s head and you should also notice that the pokémon has a circle around it. This circle has another circle in it which is coloured green, orange or red. The colour of the circles display how hard this pokémon is to catch. Green means it’s easy, orange is intermediate and red is difficult. These colours perfectly indicate when you should use a razzberry or a great ball to catch it.
colored circle on drowzee   The coloured circle keeps getting bigger and smaller. This is the indication of where you need to throw in order to catch it. You will have more chance of catching the pokémon if you throw the ball inside the coloured circle when it’s relatively small. Throwing it outside of the coloured circle and inside the white circle can still allow you to catch the pokémon but it’s a reduced chance, so try to throw it as accurate as possible. If you throw your ball accurately in the middle of the circle you can earn either ‘nice’, ‘great’ or ‘excellent’ which will give you bonus experience upon catching the pokémon. If you get one of these but you don’t catch the pokémon then you won’t get the bonus experience. This means you can only earn the bonus experience once per pokémon.


Great ball   Once you hit level 12 you will notice that you’ve been given 20 great balls as a reward and you’re also able to get great balls from pokéstops. Greatballs increase the chance of the pokémon staying in the pokéball instead of escaping and fleeing. Great balls are great to use on pokémon who have an orange or red circle. A lot of the time you will also want to use a razzberry (which you have been able to receive since level 8) in order to increase the odds of the pokémon being caught even further. Keep in mind that razzberries only influence the following throw after using it and you can only use a razzberry twice per pokémon.
Throwing the pokéball with a curve takes some skill and is more difficult than throwing it normally. In return, you will get bonus experience if you catch the pokémon with your curved ball.
To throw a curveball correctly you will need to practice. A lot. Curveballs will sometimes come with the smallest movements without you meaning to turn it into a curveball but if you want to have a curveball on purpose, all you need to do is hold the ball and spin it in a circle a few times. You will notice that it’s glittering and that’s the sign that it’s turned into a curveball. Now the hard part is throwing it.
If you throw your curveball to the left, most of the time it will curve to the right. Likewise, if you throw your curveball to the right it will curve to the left. The height at which you release the ball also matters and I can’t tell you exactly how high to throw it without having the game in my hand. Keep practicing and you will eventually learn how to do it flawlessly. You’re in for some great xp if you can correctly throw a curveball.


index   It has been rumored that the one and only master ball is also in the game but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. A master ball is just like a great ball except it is flawless. A master ball has the ability to succeed in catching a Pokémon every time it’s used which makes it superior to any other pokéballs you could have. Again, this is just a rumor and hasn’t been confirmed yet but it would be extremely powerful if it was included in the game.

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