You’ve finally reached level 5 and you’re ready to battle a gym. But wait! You need to pick a team to join before you can battle other pokémon. You are given the option between three teams; team Valor (red), team Mystic (blue) and team Instinct (yellow). Now you could choose your team based on your favourite colour but that would defeat the purpose of your team. You shouldn’t join a team purely based on your favourite colour because you wouldn’t believe in what your team stands for. Instead you should focus on what the team stands for and what they believe in. This way you can be sure that you won’t regret joining the team. I’d like to help you make this decision by telling you a little bit about each team.

Team ValorTeam Valor is the red team. They are led by Candela, a woman who values strength and training in a pokémon. She is always researching ways to make pokémon stronger and better and to enhance their natural powers. According to Candela, true strength is the best feature in a pokémon and she will do anything to show others just how strong her pokémon truly are. Joining this team would mean you value the same things in a pokémon. You feel like pokémon should be trained and researched in order to bring out their true powers. You believe that a pokémon can only truly be amazing once he shows it’s true potential through it’s natural powers. Team Valor has a red logo symbolising the legendary bird Moltres. On the streets in the real world, team Valor is a rival of team Mystic and they can get pretty witty against eachother.


team-mysticTeam Mystic is the blue team. They are led by Blanche, a man who values the evolution of pokémon and claims that their calm analysis will never let them down in a fight. Blanche thinks that the way to win a fight is by using pokémon who are evolved to their maximum abilities and analyzing every fight to let your pokémon shine through it’s great potential and strategic abilities. Joining this team would mean that you care greatly for evolved pokémon and have a more strategic approach to battles rather than pure strength. You enjoy analyzing things and think that this is the way to improve. Team Mystic has a blue logo symbolising the legendary bird Articuno. On the streets in the real world, team Mystic is a rival of team Valor and they can get pretty witty against eachother.
team-instinctThe last team is team Instinct which equals the yellow team. They are led by Spark who, as the name suggests, believes that trusting your instinct is the best way to go. Spark studies pokémon’s intuitions and believes that is has some relation to how pokémon are hatched. Joining this team would mean that you don’t trust in a pokémon’s strength but purely in it’s instinct. You trust that the pokémon knows what it’s doing without caring about their strength or evolution. You believe that the way these pokémon are hatched has a clear relation to it’s instinct. A pokémon has always had instincts just like any other animal and that is what will make the pokémon thrive; thousands of years of survival. Team Instinct has a yellow logo symbolising the legendary bird Zapdos. On the streets in the real world, team Instinct is sort of the ugly ducklin. They don’t really mingle with any of the other teams and they watch from the sidelines as Valor and Mystic go head to head. Team Instinct is perfectly happy just doing their own little thing.

Now that you’ve heard a little bit about the backstory of each team and what they believe in and stand for, you should be able to make a somewhat clear opinion on which team would suit you best. Just because you are on a different team doesn’t mean you can’t team up with people. If you see a blue gym you could team up with someone from the red team in order to take the gym down. Of course, after the gym is taken down you’ll have to put a pokémon in it which the other person will try to remove in order to put his own pokémon in. Another possibility is that you both walk away and leave it to fate to decide which team gets the gym. Don’t be afraid to approach other pokémon trainers, you’re all working towards the same goal of catching all the pokémon.

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